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Our activity classes for toddlers are not only fun, but also educational and developmental. Specifically designed around the Early Years Foundation Stage learning principles, and by using a unique combination of puppets and traditional music against a backdrop of drama and play, our mother and baby groups support all parents and carers by developing the social and physical skills of babies from 6 months to toddlers and pre-school aged children up to 4 years old.

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Jabberjacks Educational Activity Classes for Toddlers

By using a unique combination of puppets and traditional music, against a backdrop of drama and play, our highly skilled EYFS class leaders make sure that all of the activities delivered in their parent, toddler, mother and baby groups are both stimulating and interactive.

While your child enjoys the puppets, parachute, teddies, musical instruments and so much more, without realising it they also:

  • Develop positive social interaction with children and adults
  • Increase their general knowledge of the world we live in
  • Engage their senses and gross motor skills using puppets and props
  • Learn about caring and sharing with our unique "sharing time"
  • Grow in confidence as they learn the Jabberjacks songs and traditions
  • Improve their concentration and listening skills as they communicate with our colourful characters

This is all achieved through Jabberjacks interactive and tactile activities as well as a host of unique and sensory props and accessories.

Every session starts with our own “Hello Song” and ends with our “Goodbye Song” which the children learn through visiting the class every week, and all of the activities are hidden in the Jabberjacks treasure box. The box is then opened throughout the session by singing the ‘Jabberjacks song’ and both adults and children performing the appropriate actions. The content of the box is different each week keeping the little one’s enchanted and stimulated.

The sessions themselves follow a regular pattern with structured routines to create familiarity through repetition, although the actual puppets and props used vary weekly to maintain the child’s attention. Sessions are bright and colourful and include appropriate time for concentration, interaction and physical play.

If you’re looking for a play group or parent and toddler groups for babies from 6 months, to toddlers and pre-school aged children up to 4 years old to try out, please navigate to your local Jabberjacks toddlers class page to find a group with availability on a day and at a time to suit you, and simply book on for a term or a free introductory trial session.

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Designed to develop the social & physical skills of babies from 6 months to 4 year old pre-schoolers, our classes for toddlers are both educational and most importantly, fun.


Educational Activity Class Activities

Our educational activity classes are particularly musical, and are delivered weekly online or at venues that are local to you, offering a unique opportunity to spend quality time with your little one. Aimed at pre-school aged children, our Jabberjacks classes are educationally focused and crafted to develop the physical and social skills of your child, encouraging your son or daughter’s imagination to flourish through storytelling and role play.

We encourage interactive play between a child and their parent/grandparents/guardian/carer, and in our experience this is vital for your child’s complete enjoyment and development. We commit to guiding parents/grandparents/guardians/carers through the activities to enable them to support and encourage their child during the sessions and where possible. We love to let the grown-ups have a prop too so that they can join in the fun.

People regularly ask if it’s really possible to hold the attention of children at such a young age? With over 15 years experience of delivering Jabberjacks classes, our style of interactive play alongside varied stimulating activities, introduced every few minutes, more than holds their attention. The children are eager to know what’s in the Jabberjacks Treasure Box and by settling them down to sing the “Jabberjacks song” they soon learn that the box will open.

Our classes promote a safe and friendly environment. All our class leaders are fully trained and very experienced in judging what individual children are able to cope with. Our aim is to keep the number of children attending our classes to a maximum of 15 to ensure a calm and friendly atmosphere.

A typical class will run for 45 minutes. However, local times may vary, particularly where a class has been specifically aimed towards a younger group of babies or toddlers. Proving the reputation of our classes, they are also delivered into private day nurseries and Surestart centres to support them with their EYFS developmental requirements.


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For grown-ups, our musical activity classes encourage ideas and inspiration and provide that rare occasion for quality time with your child. It also provides you with the chance to meet other parents/grandparents/guardians/carers providing new social opportunities when held at a venue. The other great thing about Jabberjacks is that most of our activities can be extended to the home so the fun carries when they joins us online or even when they are not at our activity classes.

Our aim is to make your life easier for you. We appreciate that when you have more than one child it is difficult to juggle activities, to suit each child’s need. This is why we are flexible and tailor the activities within each session to accommodate all ages. For your benefit, we are generally able to offer discounts on the cost of more than one child from the same family and for childminders too, making it even easier to enjoy some family fun.

You and your child are more than welcome to come along to a class on a ‘drop in’ basis. Some classes may offer this as a free trial session, others do run ‘drop-in’ classes with special offers to sign up for the term. Our classes offer great value either on a drop-in basis or with their termly discounts. Please contact your local Franchisee for details on pricing and availability or check out Our Customer Commitment which provides further information on our Pricing Policy.



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Feedback & Reviews

Your child's birthday party could not be in safer hands with Angela.

Your child's birthday party could not be in safer hands with Angela. We had a Jabberjacks party for our daughter's 3rd birthday on Saturday and it was fantastic! Angela arrived early to setup and to also spend a bit of time building up a relationship with our daughter to put her at ease ahead of the party, which worked brilliantly! Angela took care of all the entertainment, keeping 15 kids engaged for a full 2 hours, stopping only for food. All the kids had such a great time and I have had lovely feedback from parents. I would highly recommend Angela and Jabberjacks to anyone planning a child's birthday party...you will not be disappointed! Thank you so, so much Angela!

Jennifer Richardson
25th November 2021 South Derbyshire

There were many rounds of laughter and giggles with screams and shouts of utter enjoyment.

Angela was polite and professional throughout the build-up to the party and at the party, whilst simultaneously engaging all 15 children (and adults!).

There were many rounds of laughter and giggles with screams and shouts of utter enjoyment.

The birthday girl was made the star of the day by Angela, but who also ensured all other children were bought into the roleplays, games and fun.

Mike Tawn
2nd December 2020 South Derbyshire

We hired Jabberjacks to entertain at our son's fifth birthday party recently.

We hired Jabberjacks to entertain at our son's fifth birthday party recently.

We were very impressed with Angela's ability to hold all the children's attention and keep them all engaged throughout the entire party.

Angela was very responsive to any queries we had and made the whole process as easy as she could.

I would happily recommend her services to anyone else.

Ciarán Mooney
2nd November 2020 South Derbyshire

Thank you Jabberjacks for a fantastic 1st birthday party!

Thank you Jabberjacks for a fantastic 1st birthday party! We throughly enjoyed our Jabberjacks experience, you managed to keep a variety of different aged children entertained throughout. Evelyn especially loved the parachute activity at the end, I have never seen my daughter laugh and giggle so much! We caught it all on camera and Evelyn loves watching it back over and over again. Thank you again.

Abi Crossley
31st October 2018 Leicestershire & Rutland

What a super party!

What a super party! Angela you are truly talented and captivated the children the entire time! Ava loved every minute of it! Definitely one of the best entertainers that I’ve seen and you made the effort of coming all the way to London too! Lots of love from a very happy Mommy

Lee McCreedy
31st July 2017 South Derbyshire



We’re always on the lookout for enthusiastic and talented people to join the Jabberjacks team.

If you’d like to join an established team, work the hours to suit you, and help develop children’s development by engaging their imagination, we’d love to hear from you!

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