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Hello, I’m Emily, and here at Jabberjacks Wilmslow, Macclesfield & Knutsford, our EYFS nursery sessions in Wilmslow are designed to effectively support the four themes and associated principles of the Early Years Foundation Stage. For over 17 years Jabberjacks have been delivering our nursery sessions into private nurseries, playgroups, Sure Start children’s centres and other pre-school environments, providing additional support to the curriculum with a unique format that has been welcomed by Early Years practitioners.


Nursery Sessions delivered by Jabberjacks Early Years Practitioners

Welcomed by Early Years practitioners, Jabberjacks Nursery Sessions introduce the key elements of Learning and Development through a special combination of puppetry, movement and music, that young children come to recognise and enjoy.

The unique delivery format that we apply, ensures that each child progressively develops each week with the introduction of our wonderful puppets, including JoJo the Marionette, Morris the Monkey and a wide range of original and stimulating equipment and ideas.

Our nursery sessions are a wonderful opportunity for structured growth and development, that helps to support each child’s:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development Skills
  • Communication, Language and Literacy Skills
  • Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy Skills
  • Knowledge and Understanding of the World
  • Physical Development
  • Creative Development

We're proud to say that we have developed an excellent reputation with special needs groups and those wishing to develop their parental skills.

What happens at a
Jabberjacks Toddler Class?

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Welcomed by Early Years practitioners, our EYFS Nursery Sessions are designed to support private nurseries, playgroups, Sure Start children’s centres and other pre-school environments.

Jabberjacks EYFS Nursery Sessions

Here at Jabberjacks, we develop verbal and non-verbal communication through storytelling, song and rhyme using puppets. The physical activities we undertake with the children help them to develop their co-ordination and gross motor skills.

Our early years practitioners are trained to praise the children for effort and allow them the opportunity to demonstrate their feelings and work to their own ability. Through role play children are encouraged to care for others and ‘sharing time’ is a unique opportunity for children to gain an understanding of acceptable behaviour.

At each Jabberjacks session everyone is greeted individually, providing opportunity to build relationships. Always starting with our ‘Hello Song’ we promote positive relationships amongst the group. Through storytelling, children gain an awareness of their environment and are encouraged to bring back what they learn to the family home. During our guided ‘free play activities’ our early years practitioners listen to the children’s ideas and encourage them to express themselves, and come up with new ways of working. The ‘Treasure Box’ makes the children curious about what is in inside and they are motivated to sing the ‘opening song’ to reveal the next exciting activity.

Our unique learning format brings another dimension for parents and nursery staff to observe and for children to ‘step outside’ the nursery environment, if applicable. The flexibility of our activities allows play to take place indoors and outdoors, either for the whole session or at key times within the session. All of our activities can be developed as children progress through their personal journey, creating a natural transition for a child going on to school. The wide range of activities we have to offer means we can enhance the nursery curriculum, where applicable, to follow on from or support current topics.

The unique use of our puppets helps children develop their knowledge of animals and the environment, and also teaches them numbers, colours and shapes. Using teddy bears children are able to learn through role-play either by telling a story or learning how to care for others. Our music bag develops a child’s understanding of different musical instruments and teaches them to learn a sense of rhythm and co-ordination. The sensory activities improve a child’s physical development and the ‘free play’ nature of these activities encourages creativity in the child.

Would your childrens nursery like to offer a Jabberjacks Nursery Session?

The benefits we bring to both the child and nursery care provider include:

  • A Unique Child
  • Positive Relationships
  • Enabling Environments
  • Learning & Development

If you represent a private nursery, playgroup, Sure Start children’s centre or other pre-school environment and would like to know more about our EYFS nursery sessions, please navigate to your local Jabberjacks Nursery Sessions page, and simply get in touch by telephone or email.

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Feedback & Reviews

Your child's birthday party could not be in safer hands with Angela.

Your child's birthday party could not be in safer hands with Angela. We had a Jabberjacks party for our daughter's 3rd birthday on Saturday and it was fantastic! Angela arrived early to setup and to also spend a bit of time building up a relationship with our daughter to put her at ease ahead of the party, which worked brilliantly! Angela took care of all the entertainment, keeping 15 kids engaged for a full 2 hours, stopping only for food. All the kids had such a great time and I have had lovely feedback from parents. I would highly recommend Angela and Jabberjacks to anyone planning a child's birthday party...you will not be disappointed! Thank you so, so much Angela!

Jennifer Richardson
25th November 2021 South Derbyshire

There were many rounds of laughter and giggles with screams and shouts of utter enjoyment.

Angela was polite and professional throughout the build-up to the party and at the party, whilst simultaneously engaging all 15 children (and adults!).

There were many rounds of laughter and giggles with screams and shouts of utter enjoyment.

The birthday girl was made the star of the day by Angela, but who also ensured all other children were bought into the roleplays, games and fun.

Mike Tawn
2nd December 2020 South Derbyshire

We hired Jabberjacks to entertain at our son's fifth birthday party recently.

We hired Jabberjacks to entertain at our son's fifth birthday party recently.

We were very impressed with Angela's ability to hold all the children's attention and keep them all engaged throughout the entire party.

Angela was very responsive to any queries we had and made the whole process as easy as she could.

I would happily recommend her services to anyone else.

Ciarán Mooney
2nd November 2020 South Derbyshire

Thank you Jabberjacks for a fantastic 1st birthday party!

Thank you Jabberjacks for a fantastic 1st birthday party! We throughly enjoyed our Jabberjacks experience, you managed to keep a variety of different aged children entertained throughout. Evelyn especially loved the parachute activity at the end, I have never seen my daughter laugh and giggle so much! We caught it all on camera and Evelyn loves watching it back over and over again. Thank you again.

Abi Crossley
31st October 2018 Leicestershire & Rutland

What a super party!

What a super party! Angela you are truly talented and captivated the children the entire time! Ava loved every minute of it! Definitely one of the best entertainers that I’ve seen and you made the effort of coming all the way to London too! Lots of love from a very happy Mommy

Lee McCreedy
31st July 2017 South Derbyshire

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