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Mothers and Toddlers Enjoy Activity Class Fun

Pre-school Class Big Success At Premier Inn Loughborough

Jabberjacks Leicestershire launched their new toddler and baby activity class earlier this month at the Premier Inn Loughborough and have been delighted with the response from all the mums and their little ones who have been coming to the weekly class.

The word has been spreading fast with mums, dads, grandparents and childminders all coming along with their youngsters to enjoy the fun. With the help of recommendations from mums to their NCT Group friends, the Netmums Charnwood website and other local advertising, the classes are going from strength to stregth and the Jabberjacks Team are now recommending that peole book places in advance to avoid dissapointment.

"We have been delighted at the numbers of people attending our pre-school activity classes each week and we have already had mums signing up their little ones for the new term which starts on the 20th April" explains Verity Graham, co-owner of Jabberjacks Leicestershire "The feedback has be amazing as many parents have commented on the exceelent structure and variety of activities that the class incorportaes each week"

Early Years Foundation Stage Structure
The classes are based on E.Y.F.S learning and incorprate music, song, dance, a whole host of puppets and other fun equipment. A particluar favourite is Jo Jo who comes to play the copy song, showing the little ones how to dance and jump helping to improve their co-ordnaition and balance. Music bags and sharing time are other great activities which help develop social skills and inspire imagination in the pre-schoolers.

A great way to spend time with you child
Local mum Jo has been delighted with the class, as a working mum she has struggled to find an activity class for her and her 3 year old daughter that fits well with her working hours. "Jabberjacks classes are just perfect for this age group. I have loved watching the children sit round the treasure box, singing the Jabberjacks song, eagerly awaiting the next activity"

"My daughter is so excited on Jabberjacks day. She has her T-shirt ready to put on and she just can't wait and when we get home we often do some of the activities all over again!"

Loughborough & Woodhouse Children's Activity Classes
The Jabberjacks Pre-school activity classes run on Friday mornings, 10.00am at Premier Inn, Loughborough and Wednesday mornings at 9.30am at the Community Hall, Woodhouse.

For more information please contact Jackie or Verity on 01509 413873

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