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Funtimes in Hampstead, Finchley & Barnet

Jabberjacks has had a wonderfully fun year so far. It has been most lovely to see little faces light up with anticipation every week as we sing the ‘Magic Song’ and perform the ‘Magic Actions’ to open the Treasure Box!
Recent guests from the treasure box have included Mr Tortoise who plays and a very clever game of Peek-a-boo, Cheeky Monkey who loves bananas and being silly and Sarah Circle who is very circular indeed.
The Jabberjacks Teddies have been lovingly cared for and the batons, tinkle-tonks and ribbon sticks have had a shake, rattle and roll.  Our beloved life size string puppet Jojo has of course popped out the box too and enjoyed great fun and games with all his little fans.

As the winter season approaches and the darkness sets in, Incy Wincey Spider crawled into the box for her very special annual appearance for Halloween.  We’ll be enjoying rockets and stars as firework season takes hold but most important of all is that Rudolf and the Jingle Bells are eagerly anticipating the most special Jabberjacks sessions of all: our Christmas Specials which will take place in the weeks leading up to Christmas.  Jojo is dusting off the tinsel and Santa is counting’s all terribly exciting.

Jabberjacks continues to be a very rewarding experience for me.  I have found the participation and enthusiasm from all the little children be very generous.  It stuns me every week to see how quickly such young children grow and it has been delightful to watch their progress.

See you all soon

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