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Customer Testimonials - Wilmslow, Macclesfield & Knutsford

Don't just take our word that everyone loves our fun-filled children's parties and pre-school educational activity classes, just take a look at what our customers say..... 
Mum Zoe emailed to say
"Hi Sue and Bruce, Just a quick note to thank you both for a brilliant job at Flo's party. All the children really enjoyed themselves and the comments from all the parents were very positive".Flo's 3rd birthday party at Meade Wilmslow August 2015

An amazing birthday party emailed Claire Smith "Thank you so much for an amazing party - Amelia and her friends had a wonderful time!  Hannah was fantastic she kept the children engaged and was fantastic communicating each stage of the party so that everything tan smoothly!  I think the children loved the parachute and they all engaged with the musical instruments!  Can't thank you all enough - it was a great experience and I would recommend Jabberjacks to friends!!  Thanks again to Hannah for keeping 18 three and four year olds entertained - fantastic job!"  Many thanks Claire Smith. Amelia celebrated her 4th birthday party at Marthall Village Hall on 27th September 2014.

Mum emailed "My Hannah loved it. She quite likes the competitive games like the rocket game. Generally the kids especially enjoyed the games after lunch with the hoops and balloon pumps and parachute games." Hannah celebrated her 6th birthday at Dean Row Village Hall on 14th September 2014.

Even before Hannah was back from the party Katie and Alex emailed“Just wanted to say what a brilliant party Laila had today. Hannah was amazing not sure how she managed to keep them all under control and enjoying themselves but she did so thanks a lot. “4 year old fancy dress party for Laila in Centerpoint, Bramhall on 6th July 2014.

Louise emailed as soon as she was back to say “We're just back from our holidays & Harry is still talking about his party. Hannah did a wonderful job and all the children had a lovely time. We'll hopefully see you at class tomorrow.” Harry had his 3rd birthday party at home in Bramhall on 29th June 2014.

Mum, Jan emailed to say “I would like to thank Emily for the fantastic jabberjacks party which Emily absolutely enjoyed. There was lots of games to keep them entertained and the music was great (even all the mums said this). Emily needs a gold medal as she really kept all the kids engaged the whole time!  I will definitely post a review on netmums. Thank you also for making it so easy to organise.  I would definitely use jabberjacks again for my youngest daughter. Thanks Jan” Emily celebrated her 5th birthday at St Anne’s Wilmslow on 5th July 2014

Fancy dress party was brilliant "Just wanted to say what a brilliant party Laila had today. Hannah was amazing not sure how she managed to keep them all under control and enjoying themselves but she did so thanks a lot." Parents, Katie and Alex who booked a Jabberjacks playmates party to celebrate their daughter, Laila's 4th birthday on 7th July 2014 in Bramhall. 

A perfect birthday party "We were so pleased! The party was excellent. All the children enjoyed it and we had some lovely messages off some of the mums later to say how much fun the children had.  

Emily was perfect – I have mentioned to a few people that the best bit was I had no worry AT ALL. I didn’t feel like I had to keep an eye on them all the time because I knew they were well entertained and there was no safety issues in any way, I felt completely comfortable (which sometimes when parents leave their children with you is quite stressful!).

August and Scarlett would probably say the parachute was their favourite part…..and I certainly know all the other children enjoyed throwing the balls all over the place.  Thank you so much again Jenna."  6th birthday party for August and Scarlet in Marple on 21st June 2014.

Great birthday party emailed Amanda "Emily's party was great, thanks! Hannah was great, arrived well in advance.  Loved the colouring to start off with - good icebreaker!  We also loved the teddy bear bag and songs and pretty much all the other activities - I think it works really well for that age group where they have short attention spans!" Emily celebrated her 4th birthday in Lindow Tennis Club, Wimlsow on 17th May 2014.

Carrie emailed to say "Leni and her friends had a lovely time. They especially loved the teddy bears picnic and got very much into the box by the end. Leni has been singing 'nic nak jabberjack' ever since. Hannah arrived in plenty of time and JoJo wore his cape." Leni celebrated her 3rd birthday party on 3rd May 2014 in Bowdon.

Hannah was friendly and just got on with it, which was great for Mum, Nicola who said "Sam had a great time and he said his favourite bit was the parachute game with the balls on top which they all thought was fantastic. He also liked winning prizes. Sometimes at parties he wants to sit with us for some of the games but this time he was really happy to join in with everything. We would have no hesitation in using Jabberjacks again or recommending you to other parents, and the Alderley Scout Hut venue worked well too."  Sam's 5th birthday party was on 22nd March 2014 at the Alderley Scout Hut.

Isaac fell asleep singing the Jabberjacks song after his party "Great party today! Isaac really enjoyed it and before he fell asleep was singing the Jabberjacks song to himself! Please pass on our thanks to Hannah, she was fab!" Isaac had his 3rd birthday with Jabberjacks at Chorley Village Hall on 29th December 2013. 

A succesful party said Mum, Manda "Josie absolutely loved her party and everyone at school told me that their kids loved it and the people who couldn't make it are gutted (feel sorry for them,there is a nasty cold going around).Emily arrived in plenty of time and was brilliant with the children and got everyone involved (even the shy ones who clung to their parents) by asking them to do little favours for her I.e getting something out of her bag and rewarding them with a prize which then gave them more confidence and motive to join in to win more. She was fantastic! The whole party was a success thanks to her and your team :) Josies favourite bit was the whole party but there were two times that I saw pure joy on her face and that was when I bought the cake out and she was sat on the box and also the parachute games! My son had her do his party when he turned 5 and he said his favourite bit was the parachute bit.Thanks again for doing such an amazing job!" Josie celebrated her 5th birthday with a Jabberjacks Juniors party at Sutton St James Village Hall on 15th March 2014. 

Parachute is always a big hit at Jabberjacks Birthday Parties "We were very pleased with the party.  Emily was on time, entertained the children brilliantly, they all had a great time and lots of the parents were very impressed with Jabberjacks.  Sophia had a great time and the parachute was definitely her favourite part."  Sophia had a 3rd birthday party at Lindow Tennis Club, Wilmslow on 9th March 2014.

Mum, Deborah sent a lovely photo and email following her son's Jabberjacks party  "Thank you for your help in organising Joshua's party. He had a fantastic time. Emily was brilliant with the children, holding their attention and keeping them so well entertained. Joshua certainly had a lovely time and seeing the facial expressions of the other children, they also had a great time! Joshua enjoyed all aspects of the party and yesterday said nothing could have made it better.  He said he enjoyed the game when he moved 2 circles away so gradually people were eliminated from the game (I was in the kitchen at this point so missed this part, so hope the description of the game makes sense!) and also the parachute. I took a photo of Joshua and Olivia with Emily at the end of the party!" Joshua celebrated with a Jabberjacks Juniors Party on 1st March 2014 in Wilmslow Methodist Church.


Absolutely brilliant said Mum, Laura and birthday boy Charlie "Just wanted to email and say a big thankyou from myself, Charlie and all his friends for today's party.  Hannah was absolutely brilliant - a real credit to Jabberjacks.  She kept the kids entertained quite effortlessly, my son's friend Patrick who is 3.5 years and has autism even joined in at times which is something he has never done before.  Thanks again we all had a great time - even my 8 year old said how good he thought it was." Charlie celebrated his 3rd birthday at Tytherington Family Worship on 8th February 2014.

A fantastic birthday party said Amy, "Really pleased with everything and Emily was fantastic. All the children were captivated for the entire time and seemed delighted with all the activities. Feedback from parents was very positive; they particularly loved the idea of everyone getting prizes, so as to avoid hissy fits from those competitive individuals that don't win anything!! Parents also commented on how well organised it was and a great venue for the size of group that we had. Emily accommodated the few siblings who wanted to join in and it was overall a fantastic party. Lottie loved every minute and they've been talking about it today in school! Thanks for all your help." Lottie had a Jabberjacks Juniors party on 26th January 2014 at Wilmslow Parish Hall.

Jabberjacks birthday party went really well said Laraine "The party went really well thanks.  Hannah was great; she arrived on time, the children were entertained and Jemimah enjoyed it.  Thanks." Jemimah celebrated her 3rd birthday at Lindow Tennis Club, Wilmslow on 12th January 2014.

A fantastic time was had by all said Kerry "Hannah arrived on time and entertained all the children throughout Sophie's party. Sophie and all her friends had a fantastic time. We would like to say a big thank you to Hannah and would definitely recommend her to family and friends." Sophie celebrated her 4th birthday in Bramhall on 14th December 2013. 

Emma said it was a super party "Emily was great!  Yes she turned up on time and did everything she was supposed to, all the kids had a great time.  I think Emily did a brilliant job considering she had 26 kids to entertain and about 50 chattering adults in the background, sometimes she struggled to be heard above the noise but she managed this very well."  Oliver, Louis & Larsen had a joint birthday to celebrate their 3rd birthday on 8th December 2013 at Landowner Tennis Club, Wilmslow.

Helen emailed me to say she was pleased with Jabberjacks "Emily arrived on time and entertained the children and Michael had a fantastic time. Unfortunately for me, I spent a lot of time in the kitchen preparing food, cutting cake etc. (should have brought the grandparents to help!) so I missed out. Luckily the husband took lots of photos."

Amanda was very pleased with Hannah "She dealt with everything that was thrown at her. There were quite a lot of people here and it was a little chaotic at times but it didn't phase her at all. The different ages of the kids made her job a little difficult but she did extremely well. I would have Hannah again if I was to do another party." Luca celebrated his birthday on 7th December 2013

"Before the party I was concerned that the kids may be too boisterous or the venue too small but I believe that Emily was very good at handling the 'lively' boys. The feedback I got from all parents was positive. So thank you."  Michael celebrated his 4th birthday in Grappenhall on 7th December 2013.

Luca has a great time. Fun party for 3 friends Louis, Oliver & Larsen who celebrated their 3rd birthdays at Lindow Tennis Club, Wilmslow “It was a super party and Emily was great! She turned up on time and did everything she was supposed to and all the kids had a great time. I think Emily did a brilliant job considering she had 26 kids to entertain and about 50 chattering adults in the background, sometimes she struggled to be heard above the noise but she managed this very well.
Emma and happy birthday boys, Wilmslow December 2013

4 year old Tyler enjoys attending Jabberjacks Activity Classes so much his first choice was a Jabberjacks birthday party at the Marple Guide Hut “I just wanted to email to say a very big thank you to Hannah for Tyler's Jabberjacks party. Hannah arrived early, set herself up and then when all the 18 children arrived she took control of the party. She had all kids ranging from 18 months to aged 8 taking part and excited about opening the Jabberjacks magic box to see what was next.
Tyler always enjoys Jabberjacks on a Wednesday and was very excited about having a Jabberjacks party and Hannah made sure Tyler was the centre of attention and felt very important. So please pass on my thanks to her.”  Karen & Tyler aged 4

Stress free party for 5 year olds at Club A-Z in Macclesfield
“I was very pleased thanks. Hannah was excellent with the children and kept them very entertained. She was already set up as the children started to arrive. Tamara had a great time thanks.” Pam and Tamara aged 5. October 2013

Birthday children enjoyed the party so much they wanted Jabberjacks again. They had a fab party and Hannah was great on all counts. This is the 2nd time I have used and never been let down.”
Zoe and Toby & Heidi aged 3 October 2013

A well organised joint party for 5 year old girls, ensured everyone gad a great time at Henbury Village Hall
I just wanted to say how good Hannah was on Saturday, it was a great party thanks to the games and organisation. Many thanks,”
Caroline and birthday girls Isla & Zoe aged 5. Oct 2013
An excellent 4 year old birthday party, that was hassle free from start to finish and loved by everyone who attended at Hulleys Macclesfield. “Hannah did arrive in time and she was great at entertaining the gang. Kaylah had a great time and so did all the adults as they just sat back for two hours and watched whilst eating the pizzas. I was very impressed from start to finish and will highly recommend Jabberjacks to all.
Thanks for your help in making our daughter's day a special and fun day.”
Manda and Kaylah aged 4 Sept 2013

An excellent party in Poynton
"Hollys party was a great success. Hannah was excellent & created a real air of calm. The children were fully engaged in all the activities. She was great at involving my older son & his mate too who was adamant he wasn't going to join in! But within 5 minutes she had them singing & laughing." Mum Kaye and daughter Holly, celebrating her 3rd birthday on 29th September 2013.
Amazing party for a 6 year old girls birthday celebrations held at St Peters Parish Centre Hazel Grove “I just wanted to thank both you and Hannah for a fantastic party this afternoon. A great time was had by all and I've received loads of great feedback from the other parents.
Hannah did an amazing job, very professional and enthusiastic and great with the children.”
Catherine mum to Hannah aged 6 September 2013

Great idea for a boys 5th birthday party held at Tytherington Family
Worship “Matthew really enjoyed his party, and I've had lots of feedback from other parents to say that their children enjoyed it too. The children all seemed to be having lots of fun throughout, and it was lovely that even Daniel, my youngest son aged almost 3, was able to join in with most of the games - this was an added bonus that I really hadn't expected!
Hannah arrived on time (early, if anything), set up with the minimum of fuss, and did a great job of keeping 23 children (mostly fairly boisterous boys!) entertained for the whole time, right from the moment they started to arrive.
I wouldn't hesitate to use Jabberjacks again in the future, or to recommend you to others.”
Debbie mum to Matthew aged 5 September 2013

Joint boys birthday party at Chorley Village Hall
Hi Sue, just thought I would send you a quick email to say everything went fantastically well today. Emily was great and the children all had a great time. We would definitely recommend Jabberjacks”
Julie and friends Adam & Ben September 2013

Parents looking for children’s party that can be hosted at home were delighted that Jabberjacks could come to their home in Cheadle Hume “I would just like to say a big thank you to Emily for making Natasha's party so wonderful. She had the best time and didn't stop smiling the whole time, all her friends enjoyed it too and we have had lots of lovely comments from everyone that attended. Thank you again”
Veronica and Natasha 1st September 2013

Marvelous recommendation for a great party for a 6 year old girl & her friends at Trinity Methodist Hall Congleton. Rose's party was great, the children loved it and Rose had a marvelous time. Hannah was early, well organised and had a lovely manner with the children. She had loads of activities and all the little people were enraptured! Even Logan!!! So many thanks. I would whole-heartedly recommend you should anyone ask.” Joanne and Rosie aged 6 in August 2013

A very happy Mum of 4 year old Archie couldn't believe how much her child joined in at his Jabberjacks Party in Cheadle Hulme.
"Emily was great she arrived on time and was great with the kids. Archie is very shy with strangers and has never got involved with any kind of entertainment so I was taking a gamble by booking it thinking all the other kids can enjoy it and I will probably have him sat on my knee for at least the first hour, but he was amazing holding Emily's hand taking part, shouting out answers which really is not like him so it went better than planned. Archie loved it and all the parents were commenting on how good it was to me, so you may have a few more bookings! Thank you again."
Archie, aged 4 August 2013

Lovely 5 year old girls party at Cheadle Hulme Methodist Church. “We were pleased with Hannah’s party. Emily arrived in good time. We were in the kitchen a lot of time serving the drink and preparing the food for but we heard their happy noise and they ran around in the games, which is very good. Other parents mentioned to us that it was a lovely party and children all enjoyed the games. Hannah enjoyed herself and we would like to say thank you to Emily for entertaining the children.”
Jiao Qiao & Jonathan & Hannah aged 5 July 2013

St Albans Church Hall, Macclesfield was the venue for fantastic 4 year old birthday party “The party went really well! Lizzie had a great time and had lots of positive comments from other parents. Hannah was there in plenty of time and did a great job with the kids.

Thanks! I may be in touch again at some point for classes for my youngest (when I get some time to do something with him!)”
Emma Outhwaite and Lizzie aged 4 July 2013

Even those who are a little bit shy, soon join in with Jabberjacks. “The party format and party leader were great! One child didn’t want to join in but his dad was there and he wasn’t disruptive so Hannah left him to it and just asked him from time to time if he wanted to join in which I think was the right call. Poppy had a great time and I really think these are great parties for little ones, including those that are not as confident and initially shy at joining in.”
Helen & Poppy June 2013

Fantastic Party Experience for 3 Year Old Twins at Bramhall URC “Thank you so much for the party today the children seemed to have a wonderful time and I've had lots of texts confirming that from some of the parents! So sorry I didn't get to say goodbye but hopefully I will see you again sometime especially as I have 3 children?

So sorry some of the older siblings ended up joining in thank you for accommodating them, I had told parents it wasn't for the older ones but they seemed to enjoy it just as much!!! Thank you again you were fantastic as always.”
Samantha and Maisie & Jake aged 3. June 2013

Party bags a big hit at Juniors party at Chorley Village Hall, Wilmslow “Just a quick note to say thanks for today. Hannah did a great job. Kids had a whale of a time. Activities and pace perfect. Bags were great also. Thanks and best wishes.”
Lucy and Grace. June 2013

Jabberjacks Party Entertainment keeps children entertained throughout. “We were really pleased with Lucy's party....she had a ball. Hannah did arrive on time and the children really enjoyed it, and Hannah kept them all engaged throughout. It was a seamless process from start to finish, so thank you for that.”
Alison and Lucy June 2013

Looking for a fabulous children’s birthday part in the Bollington area then read on… “Party was fabulous. Emily was absolutely brilliant and so positive with all the children. I was so impressed - the concept and execution is superb. All the children had a great time especially Stan and Eleanor and other parents have fed-back that their children really enjoyed it.”
Jean and Stanley & Eleanor aged 5 June 2013

What is the best bit about a 5 year old Jabberjacks party? All of it!!
“Great Party, Hannah was really good with the kids. Yes she arrived early. Asked Preston what was the best bit of party, he said all of it!!!”
Christie and Preston aged 5. June 2013

An exciting, fun and stress free children’s party held in Woodsmoor, Stockport I just wanted to say thank you for making my daughter's birthday party fun and exciting. My daughter and her friends had a lovely time. I will recommend you to my friends and family. Thank you again.”
Lucy Martin and Olivia June 2013

Joint party for 4 year old birthday girls at Sutton St James Village HallMany thanks for the party girls really enjoyed it Emily was fab x” Donna and birthday girls Sian & Mia aged 4. May 2013

Fantastic Party Entertainment at Baptism CelebrationHannah came to run a party for about 40 children aged between 1 and 6. I don't know how she did it, but she kept them all completely enthralled for an hour by all the fantastic, different activities. At several points even the older children (up to age 12) just couldn't resist joining in with the games. I kept looking round the room and all I could see were the smiling faces of both the adults and the children. At the end of the party and the next day I had so many wonderful comments saying what a great time everyone had. I would have no hesitation in recommending a Jabberjacks party to anyone” Emma Coe, Cheadle Hulme Methodist Church. April 2013

Would definitely recommend Jabberjacks “Many thanks for organising the party. Ruby loved it! Emily was great. All of the kids were entertained the whole time. I would definitely recommend a Jabberjacks party,it took all the pressure of organising the food etc!”
Karen and Ruby, April 2013

Perfect party idea for a 2 year old boy. “Yep it was a brill party, got good feedback from my friends! All the kids seem to enjoy it and Emily was great!”
Lucy and Max aged 2, April 2013

Junior party fun at Dean Row Village Hall “The girls had a great time and Hannah was great with them. I really don’t know how you guys do what you do……. because I simply do not have the patience :) Thank you very much for all.”Hitesh & Illiyana, March 2013

Best Birthday Ever at St Georges Church Hall, Wilmslow “Hannah was utterly brilliant and all the mums said how amazing she was at entertaining a large group of young children. Lily had the best birthday ever so thank you so much!”
Judith & Lily aged 5

40 children enjoyed Jabberjacks Juniors Party Entertainment at Wilmslow Methodist Church.
“The party was fantastic - Hannah was amazing. They were punctual, energetic and had all the children enthralled throughout.
One of my friends has a 3 year old girl who normally refuses to participate in parties and sits on her mum’s knee throughout, but she was in the middle of it all throughout the party! Her mum couldn't believe it.

onsidering there were almost 40 children there, you would not have known it because they were all so well behaved! Bella and Lottie had an amazing time too and I loved the fact that the children had to join in to win toys for their party bags - brilliant idea. Thank you”
Mummy Rebecca and Scarlett & Isabella

Great idea for a girls birthday party in Prestbury Village Hall “A big thank you to you and Emily for a great party...great fun was had by all, young and old! Went without a hitch...the hall was great for the 20 children particularly as not all parents stayed!!!” Jess and Isla aged 5. March 2013

Children’s party fun at the Trinity Church Bramhall “Luca had a brilliant party and feedback from kids and mums was that everyone really enjoyed themselves. Emily arrived on time and was great with the kids, she kept them all busy and the mix of quieter activities with dancing and running around was a great balance. The party bags worked well and most kids seemed to leave with lots of goodies. My 2yr old Charlie didn't really get the concept though and kept helping himself from the prize box which made us laugh! Thanks again for a great party!” Nicola and Luca aged 6 March 2013

No venue hire needed for 3 year olds Playmates Party, easily held at home for 12 guests. “The party was fantastic and Josh had a great time. Some of the other parents were equally impressed so I think you will find some enquiries for the New Year.” Kirsty & Josh aged 3

Club A-Z Macclesfield was the venue for a stress free 5 year olds party. “Everything went very well, Hannah was there before us in plenty of time with everything set up. The girls were all well entertained, one of the little girls came up to me & said it was the ‘best party ever’. Most importantly the birthday girls both had a great time. Hannah was really nice & helped me out with announcing the cake etc. She also played all the right tunes, I’ve got a great shot of them dancing gangnam style. We had an excellent time & I would definitely recommend you to others. Thanks for all the attention to detail & making it a great party.” Happy Mum Emma and Grace & Elizabeth aged 5 March 2013

A wonderful time was had at Playmates Party. “It was all great thank you! Emily was on time and was great with the kids. They all seemed to have a wonderful time! Many thanks” Mummy Hayley and Sophie aged 3

Joint Playmates Party a great success at Knutsford Tennis Club “The children had a brilliant time and the party was a great success, Hannah was excellent and had a tough job battling with the parents chattering but she did really well. Many thanks for everything” Mum Jo with Romiley aged 2 and Lucas aged 3

Entertaining & Enjoyable 5th Birthday Party at the Scout Hut Carnival Fields, Wilmslow “The party was great, Meekael enjoyed it a lot and so did we. Hannah did really well, she entertained the kids and she was on time. She did a great job. Thank you” Ghuncha & Meekael aged 5

Delighted 3 year old birthday Girl had fun at the Bramhall United Reform ChurchWe were delighted with Hannah, she was punctual and fabulous with the children. Not east keeping 3 and 4 year olds occupied. The children including Sophie all seemed to really enjoy themselves and a lot of the parents commented on how well the party was organised. A BIG THANK YOU.”
Jen, Kerry & 3 year old Sophie

Best Birthday Ever at St Georges Church Hall, Wilmslow
“Hannah was utterly brilliant and all the mums said how amazing she was at entertaining a large group of young children. Lily had the best birthday ever so thank you so much!”
Judith & Lily aged 5

40 children enjoyed Jabberjacks Juniors Party Entertainment at Wilmslow Methodist Church.
“The party was fantastic - Hannah was amazing. They were punctual, energetic and had all the children enthralled throughout.

One of my friends has a 3 year old girl who normally refuses to participate in parties and sits on her mum’s knee throughout, but she was in the middle of it all throughout the party! Her mum couldn't believe it.

onsidering there were almost 40 children there, you would not have known it because they were all so well behaved! Bella and Lottie had an amazing time too and I loved the fact that the children had to join in to win toys for their party bags - brilliant idea. Thank you”
Mummy Rebecca and Scarlett & Isabella

A faultless birthday party for 5 year old Millie and friends at St Annes, Nursery Lane, Wilmslow “It was absolutely fab thank – Hannah arrived early and all the children had a great time - couldn't fault it, thanks v much xx”
Lucie and Millie aged 5

Lovely Party Leaders ensure the children have a great experience. Party fun was held at Norbury Church Hall, Hazel Grove.
“Hannah arrived well ahead of time (before us in fact!) she was incredibly pleasant and did a really good job keeping the children’s attention. Quinn had a fabulous time.”
Mum Krissy & Quinn aged 5

School Teacher impressed by Jabberjacks Party held at Knutsford Tennis Club
Imogen and Alice had a fabulous party. Thank you! Please pass on our thanks to Emily - she was great. We ended up with a few extra children with siblings who stayed and all of the children were kept well entertained. A lot of the parents commented on how calm the party was considering it was a room full of 3-5 year olds! My husband is a primary school teacher and even he was impressed at how engaged the children were throughout the party. I’m sure that we will have another Jabberjacks party in the future and we'd certainly recommend to other parents.”
Claire and Alice & Imogen aged 4 

6 Year old Party Girls & Boys Have A Great Time with Jabberjacks at Alma Lodge, Stockport
"Hannanh was brilliant and kept the children thoroughly engaged! The result being Macey had a fab birthday, so thank you very much."
Kelly and Macey aged 6

Fantastic Party fun for 4 Year olds in Wilmslow - "It was fantastic! Hannah did a very good job, a lovely girl. Hannah arrived at 10:40 AM and everything was set up in time. Sasha and Lauren had a great time and got a lot of attention from Hannah . The other parents were also very excited about the concept etc.! I know from feedback from the parents that all the children had a lovely morning. Thank you for the hair bands!
Natasja & Sasha and Lauren aged 4
Jabberjacks Playmates Party for 3 year olds is a 'Massive' success "Many thanks for a superb Jabberjacks party. Booking was easy, communication was great. Emily arrived on time as promised and was fantastic. She kept all of the children fully entertained and engaged throughout. For many of the children, it was their first party and for two of the boys I have never seen them so animated, to the amazement of their mothers too. Hollie thoroughly enjoyed herself, I asked her had she enjoyed her party she said yes. I then asked, a little, a lot or massively and at 3 she surprised me by saying massively, I thought if she said a lot we had done extremely well. She is still talking about it now and I'm sure would now be confident to join your regular sessions. I also hope that some of her guest will now also enjoy jabberjacks as by far the majority didn't have any jabberjacks experience before Hollies party. Your organisation and Emily's entertainment and skills have definitely changed that. As Hollie said it's a MASSIVE success and thank you from us."
Julie and Hollie aged 3
4 year old boys party at Adlington Hall "Just to say a huge thank you to Ana on Sunday – she did an absolutely fantastic job as she did last time – all the kids loved it and so did the mum's and dad's. She is great and I would recommend her and you to anyone. Many thanks again."
Sharon and Oscar aged 4

Ideal party for 2 year olds and friends at Benja Fold Scout Hut,Bramhall "Lily's party was fantastic. Emily was great, on time etc, and most importantly she entertained the children. Everybody said they really enjoyed it and what was fantastic was, as there was quite a big spread of age ranges, from 2 to nearly 7, they all had a fab time! The older ones loved it too.Many thanks."
Kate and Lily aged 2

2 hour party loved by kids and parents a like in Style, Cheshire "Brilliant!!!! I'm sure you know, but Emily did a fantastic job today. We stayed in the house for the first hour and she did a great job of keeping about 18 3 and 4 year olds entertained. Thomas loved it! The sun was shining so we had a great time out-side, the mums and dad's enjoyed the hula hoops!!! So pleased I booked Jabberjacks. Thomas thoroughly enjoyed it, thanks so much, good luck with your business.
Diane and Thomas aged 4

3 year old boys birthday party at St Vincents Church Hall, Knutsford "Hi Sue just wanted to say thank you to Emily for doing such a great job at the party yesterday we were really pleased with everything. A few of the parents left saying it was the best party they had been to for that age group so thumbs up from them too!"
Joanne and Frazer aged 3

Playmates Party "The party was marvellous. Hannah was early! And she kept the children fully entertained with a real mix of indoor and outdoor activities. Highlights were the bubbles, the baby snakes, the mix of songs, rhymes and clapping, and of course, JoJo the puppet! Thankyou so much; I will use Jabberjacks again with NO hesitation and I will be recommending you to all my friends :) It was absolutely great."
Victoria and Freddie

Playmates 4th birthday party at Handforth Scout Headquarters
"Marcus had a great time! Emily was nice and early and ready to go as soon as the children started to arrive. She was brilliant and kept the every single kid engaged for the whole 2 hours. I'd previously had parties for Marcus at soft play places and can easily say that Jabberjacks was much better on both value for money and enjoyment!
Party bags were great and again great value (although i could have lived without the whistles!!)
Parents commented to me afterwards about how good it was so I wouldn't be suprised if you get a few more bookings.
Thanks again....."
Sheryl and Marcus aged 4

Playmates Party in Prestbury Village Hall
- "Sophia's party was fantastic thank you. She and all her friends loved it and Hannah kept them well entertained throughout. They thoroughly enjoyed all of the activities and they were just the right length. Hannah was there in plenty of time so we were all set up before the party was due to start. She kept the children busy with colouring the birthday poster while the guests were arriving which I thought was a really good idea. The party bags were great too - lots of good things in them. Thanks again for your help - I was able to enjoy the party too without worrying about whether the children were OK, which was great."
Kirsteen and Sophia aged 4

Playmates Party in Wilmslow - 'Sophie had a great party thanks, and all the kids seemed to enjoy themselves.Emily arrived on time, and was fantastic with the kids. They all responded well to her. I would recommend her to anyone.'
Lindsey and Sophie 
5 year old party at Langley Village Hall- "I just wanted to let you know that Archie and all his party friends had a fab time at his Jabberjacks party, big thanks to Anna she was great. I would definitely recommend Jabberjacks to anybody who asks for party ideas. Thanks again"
Melanie and Archie aged 5
Marple toddler class parachute play
Wilmslow Juniors Party -"Thank you for a great party. Alice & Emily thoroughly enjoyed it. I think you guaged it just right for our girls and their classmates. Already, I've received texts from Mum's reporting their children had a great time. It also meant Sam and I could enjoy the party, spending time looking after the other Mums and the food. So, thanks again!"
Claire and Alice & Emily aged 5

Wilmslow Playmates Party - "The party was excellent!! Sammy was on time even though she got lost and we had to direct her in!! Tia had a fantastic time and so did all the other children. Thanks again, great party."
Jill and Tia aged 4 "Can I just thank you once again for Olivia's party, she had a fantastic time and she loved being the birthday girl and centre of attention. All her friends seemed to enjoy the party too and I have had excellent feedback from some of the other mums. The activities/party games were excellent and pitched at the right level for the age group and the timing of the activities was correct for the attention spans. Emily was brilliant with the kids (can you pass on my thanks once again) and I have not had to worry about the realiability of the arrangements from the time I booked right through to on the day.

The party bags were great too and took another hassle out of the day for me."
Susan and Olivia aged 4

"It was great. my husband saw Anna last year at the party Harriet and George went to when he first thought she was excellent....she is still excellent and our party was great. She arrived on time, was lovely with everyone - children and adults alike. Everyone was enthralled with what she did - Harriet and George had a great time.
Emma and Harriet aged 4 and George aged 2
"Thank you for a great party.  Alice & Emily thoroughly enjoyed it.  I think you guaged it just right for our girls and their classmates.  Already, I've received texts from Mum's reporting their children had a great time.  It also meant Sam and I could enjoy the party, spending time looking after the other Mums and the food.  So, thanks again!"
Claire and Alice & Emily aged 5, Wilmslow

"Just wanted to say that yesterdays party was fantastic. Annabel loved every minute of it. We have some video of her sat on the Parachute & her face is positively beaming!
Please pass on our thanks to Anna, she was brilliant & a true professional. She told us we were her third party of the day, you wouldn't have known that, she was so enthusiastic & kept all the children engaged.

We won't hesitate in recommending your parties!"
Rachel & Annabel

"Megan had a great party and Sammy was brilliant with the kids. She arrived early to set up, with plenty of time to spare and kept all the kids entertained and under control! Another successful Jabberjacks party!"
Sarah and Megan

"Hi Sue,
I just wanted to write to tell you how extremely pleased I was with how well received Jabberjacks was by my daughter and all her friends. This was the first party that I have held for Ellie as she has only just turned three and it was daunting when trying to choose what to do. She has many friends her own age, but also a lot of family younger including an 18 month old brother. Sammy who came to entertain the children for us was absolutely brilliant and managed to hold the attention of the whole group of children including the younger ones,
which astounded many of the onlookers!!! Ellie and all her friends had the most amazing day and it was definately down to Sammy and the Jabberjacks entertainment. Many of my friends have said that it was one of the best parties they had been to and that their children had joined in more than at any other party. So a big thankyou to you, we will definately be using you again in the future! "
Sarah & Ellie aged 3

"Hi Sue,The boys had a fantastic time on Saturday. They thoroughly enjoyed the party and we all thought Anna did a fantastic job. It's no mean feat controlling 20 toddlers! Thanks very much, we'll be recommending you to our friends. Good value for money too!"
Hannah and Phil

"The party was great. Anna was brilliant - she was there in plenty of time and did a fab job, despite a couple of pretty noisy boys who are notoriously "hard to handle"! The new jigsaw was great - 3 out of 4 teams managed it without too much trouble - 1 team (mainly boys) struggled a bit, but probably because they were messing about!All in all, it was a lovely party and Constance had a great time. 

Many thanks to you and to Anna for everything. It is such a weight off just having the food to sort out.
I'm sure we'll be using you again for the next child!"
Nina & Constance

"Jabberjacks was a different party for everyone and many children wished to have same party for their Birthday.

Special thanks to Anna. She arrived well before the party time to setup the things in advance. She hosted the party with full energy for complete two hours. Children really did enjoy each moment. The idea of party bags was really innovative and all children got the return gift by their choice. There were plenty of things in the return bag which no one had expected."
Atul, Uma & Padnika

"Sammy did a brilliant job entertaining all the children.  She was very punctual, polite and good with the children.  Harry really enjoyed himself and the party went really well. The children were all very excited to get hold of there party bags at the end of the party which was nice to see!!  Quality of products were good.

I will definitely recommend Jabberjacks to family/ friends for any future parties.
Thanks to Sammy for such a lovely day."
Jamie and Harry

"Sammy arrived in plenty of time to set up for the party, she was very pleasant and the kids loved  her, from the moment the party started she kept the kids entertained with various activities including the spiders, the monkeys, batons, dancing around , teddy bears picnic and various others things.
She did about an hour then we stopped for lunch, throughout lunch the party organiser left music playing which added to the atmosphere for the children and parents.
Sammy then did another 45 minutes again full of fun activities including dancing, bubbles, bouncing balloons, pom poms,  the kids all liked the puppet as well,  all the children and parents really enjoyed bouncing the children up and down in the parachute.
Sammy was really good and lit the cake for Euan and had him stand at the front and blow out all the candles.
She was great with the children and the mums asked me about Jabberjacks and said they would bear in mind for parties in the future, I would definitely say that the party ran very smoothly and I would use Jabberjacks again for any parties I have for Euan it was a really good day thank you very much."
Sarah and Euan

"I just wanted to say the party went really well and from what I saw, Anna was an excellent host! (I spent most of the time running round, getting food ready, clearing up etc etc..) and a lot of people commented on how nice the party was.  I don't think I got chance to say goodbye to Anna so please pass on my thanks. "
Nikki and Evie aged 3, Wilmslow

"Rach, Holly and I just wanted to let you know that the party went down really well today and everyone enjoyed it including the parents. We will be highly recommending Jabberjacks and I am sure we will be using you again!"
Rach, Mark & Holly Lyons

"We all thought Emily was very good indeed; she was there very early and the kids loved it.
Many thanks"
Helen and Lana aged 5

"A big thank you to you and Emily for a fantastic party. The children and parents loved every minute."
Dina and Tanya aged 3

"Just to say how much all 3 of my grandchildren have loved Jabberjacks! I first Joe at Marple Pre-school Classs with Snuggles and Suebrought Alex to the Marple toddler class 6 years ago and he loved the singing! Ben followed on a couple of years later and his favourite was Jojo the puppet ! When it was Joe's turn the other 2 looked forward to being able to come with him when they were off school! Now Joe is moving on to other activities and I think Alex was the saddest of all!

Thank you for all the fun all 3 have had at Jabberjacks!"

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