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Jabberjacks Educational Sessions in Schools

Jabberjacks launch Educational Sessions for EYFS at Primrose Hill Primary School.

Jabberjacks visited Primrose Hill Primary School last year to deliver a Christmas party to their Key Stage 1 classes. The parties were so well received that Primrose Hill kindly asked us to return early the following year to run some educational sessions for EYFS at the school.

Both teachers and parents were delighted with how succesful the sessions were and Jabberjacks were hugely grateful to the school for the opportunity to run the sessions and gather some actual feedback on how Jabberjacks can support schools in EYFS moving forward.

“C loves Jabberjacks and always asks why it’s only on a Thursday, why not every day!”
C’s mother (Reception Class 2017)

“We were able to use examples and observations from Jabberjacks sessions as part of the moderation process to back up other evidence we had collected.”
AH and EYFS Lead Primrose Hill Primary School 2017

“The children are getting so much out of it.”
Sam, Reception teacher 2017

 “D is actually starting to play as a direct result of taking part in Jabberjacks sessions. He has played the same thing every day BUT has played for the first time since arriving in reception.”
Reception teachers and TA’s Primrose Hill Primary School 2017

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