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Jabberjacks classes are designed to effectively support the four themes and associated principles of The Early Years Foundation Stage.

Jabberjacks classes are designed to effectively support the four themes and associated principles of The Early Years Foundation Stage.

Jabberjacks Nursery and Early Years Providers

For over 15 years Jabberjacks have been delivering sessions into private nurseries, playgroups, Sure Start children's centres and other pre-school environments, providing additional support to the curriculum with a unique format that has been welcomed by Early Years practitioners.

Jabberjacks classes introduce the key elements of Learning and Development through a special combination of puppetry, movement and music. The unique delivery format ensures that over the weeks the children will be introduced to wonderful puppets including Jo Jo the Marionette and Morris the Monkey and a wide range of original and stimulating equipment and ideas that they will grow to recognise and enjoy.

Jabberjacks classes are a wonderful opportunity for structured growth and development and help to support each child’s:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development Skills
  • Communication, Language and Literacy Skills
  • Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy Skills
  • Knowledge and Understanding of the World
  • Physical Development
  • Creative Development

Jabberjacks have developed an excellent reputation with special needs groups and those wishing to develop their parental skills. 

Kim, Manager of Footsteps Nursery, Castle Donnington and Mum "My son attends Jabberjacks sessions at his private day nursery on a Wednesday afternoon. I am so impressed with how much he can relate to this form of spontaneous activity. Verity encouraging my son to scaffold his learning in many ways such as, developing friendships and expressing himself in different ways.  After the session, he will tell me, “JoJo is my best friend mummy. ” He is full of conversation about what he’s been doing or where they have gone in their pretend play… after a long day at work this is so nice to hear that my boy has had a great day. He shows me all the actions of his dancing, he retains this information so well, this can only mean that he loves it and defiantly engaged in what he is doing!!!"

If you would like to know more about Jabberjacks classes, please contact your local Jabberjacks or call our Head Office on 01509 413873.

Benefits to the Child and Nursery Provider

Jabberjacks Helps Develop a Unique ChildA Unique Child

Jabberjacks develops verbal and non-verbal communication through storytelling, 
song and rhyme using puppets. The physical activities we undertake with the children help them to develop their co-ordination and gross motor skills. Our Class Leaders are trained to praise the children for effort and allow them the opportunity to demonstrate their feelings and work to their own ability. Through role play children are encouraged to care for others and ‘sharing time’ is a unique opportunity for children to gain an understanding of acceptable behaviour.

Positive Relationships

Jabberjacks Early Years Classes

At each Jabberjacks clas everyone is greeted individually providing opportunity to build relationships, always starting with our ‘Hello Song’ promoting a positive relationship amongst the group. Through storytelling children gain an awareness of their environment and are encouraged to bring back what they learn to the family home. During our guided ‘free play activities’ Class Leaders listen to the children’s ideas and encourage them to express themselves and come up with new ways of working.
The ‘Treasure Box’ makes the children curious about what is in inside and they are motivated to sing the ‘opening song’ to reveal the next exciting activity.


Enabling Environments

Our unique learning format brings another dimension for parents and nursery staff 
to observe and for children to ‘step outside’ the nursery environment, if applicable.
The flexibility of our activities allows play to take place indoors and outdoors either for the whole session or at key times within the session. All of our activities can be developed as children progress through their personal journey, creating a natural transition for the child going on to school. The wide range of activities we have to offer means we can enhance the nursery curriculum, where applicable, to follow on from or support current topics.

Learning & Development

The unique use of puppets helps children develop their knowledge of animals and the environment and also teaches them numbers, colours and shapes. Using teddy bears children are able to learn through role-play either by telling a story or learning how to care for others. Our music bag develops a child’s understanding of different musical instruments and teaches them to learn a sense of rhythm and co-ordination. The sensory activities improve a child’s physical development and the ‘free play’ nature of these activities encourages creativity in the child.

Jacqui Holford, Qualified Early Year's Practitioner at Our Lady's Covent Pre-School Loughborough "Jabberjacks is very popular here at Our Lady's Convent Nursery in Loughborough.  On a Thursday the children can not wait to wear their blue Jabberjacks t-shirts and go into the session to see 'whats inside the box'!!! The staff are always very cheerful and punctual, with lots of inviting and fun activities for the children to participate in.  We are so glad that we have introduced this into our setting."

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