Jabberjacks Children's Parties

Jabberjacks deliver fantastic birthday party entertainment for children between 2 and 7 years of age. Our children's parties are specifically designed to the birthday child's age to give them and their friends a birthday party to remember. A firm favourite with parents, grandparents and most importantly children, your child's birthday party will be one that no other child will want to miss!

Playmates Birthday Parties for 2, 3, 4 year olds

Entertaining, interactive and educational birthday party entertainment guaranteed to inspire every child’s imagination...

Jabberjacks Playmates Birthday Parties, designed for toddlers and pre-school aged boys and girls, can be easily held at home, in the garden, or at a locally hired venue - the choice is yours. If your child attends a private day nursery, Jabberjacks can even deliver your child's birthday party there during the week, subject to the pre-school providers consent.

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What happens at a Playmates childrens birthday party?

Jabberjacks Playmates birthday parties use a unique combination of puppetry, music and movement, with each activity designed to work best with the children’s ages. The party entertainment starts with our Hello song, the party leader will then introduce the Treasure box which can only be opened by singing the Jabberjacks action song, helping to build the anticipation and excitement for each new birthday party activity.

For this younger age group we open the Treasure box for a new game every 5 minutes or so to help keep the children's attention. All of the activities are interactive and we bring lots of equipment to make sure that each child can join in.

At every birthday party there is always a special visit from Jo Jo our marionette puppet, who will bring the birthday child a present before playing a game with them and their friends. The reaction of the children to Jo Jo is amazing and something that no parent should or will want to miss!

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What is a Playmates birthday party package?

This children's birthday party package includes the entertainment, our travel, specially printed party invitations to send out to your guests, our hints and tips for planning your special event and a punch ball balloon for every invited child. Pre-filled party bags can also be provided on request, subject to availability, at an additional cost.

We aren't clowns or face paint artists but what Jabberjacks does offer is to provide either a 1 or 2 hour children's birthday party which will be specifically designed to your child and their guests. We will try to accomodate any party theme you may have and promise to deliver a party that every child should never forget.

If you book a 1 hour birthday party it is best that it takes place before the food, whereas we would expect that there will be a break for food after approximately one hour of a 2 hour birthday party.

Juniors Birthday Parties for 5, 6 & 7 year olds


Original and exciting birthday party entertainment, guaranteed to keep the children engaged...

Jabberjacks Juniors children's birthday parties, designed for primary school aged children between 5 and 7 years, are suitable for large groups in a hired hall or, where numbers are smaller, at home.

What happens at a Jabberjacks Juniors children's birthday party?

Jabberjacks Juniors birthday parties are fun and fast paced, using a structured and controlled format. One minute the kids will be crazy disco dancing to their favourite music, the next they will be sitting in anticipation of the Treasure box opening. Our wide range of activities includes traditional games with a fun twist, dancing, parachute play and so much more, so even if they've attended a Jabberjacks birthday party before we have so many difference party games so there will always be something fresh and new!

Our unique use of party bags is an exciting and essential element of the Jabberjacks Junior birthday party format. The kids will love the fact that as the birthday party goes on they will receive prizes for good behaviour, effort, as well as for winning games. Best of all, they get to choose the prizes themselves from a bucket full of goodies! But the REALLY good news is for you, as we do all the shopping around for the great prizes and colourful bags and only charge you the cost price.

What is a Juniors birthday party package?

This kids birthday party package includes the party entertainment, our travel, specially printed party invitations to send out to your guests and our hints and tips for planning your special event.

Our party leaders don't do balloon modelling and aren't DJs but what Jabberjacks do provide is outstanding childrens birthday party of either 1 or 2 hours that can be designed to your child and their guests.We will try to accommodate any theme you may have and promise to deliver a party that every child should never forget.

If you book a 1 hour birthday party it is best that it takes place before the food, whereas we would expect that there will be a break for food after approximately one hour of a 2 hour birthday party.

For party prices, party bags and availability please contact your local Jabberjacks.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many children do Jabberjacks cater for?

    The minimum number of children we would recommend is 10. For a 2 hour birthday party we recommend a maximum of 20 children for a Playmates party or 30 for a Juniors party. If you wish to invite more than this, then please discuss with your nearest Jabberjacks franchisee to see if this can be accommodated with additional staff and equipment.

  • Where can I hold the birthday party?

    Our children's birthday parties can be held in a locally hired venue, which we recommend for more than 15 children. In certain circumstances, when numbers are low, Jabberjacks parties can be delivered in the family home or garden (subject to the weather!)

  • Are parents expected to stay?

    Children aged four and over will generally be happy to stay at the party without their parents, guardians or carers. Children aged three and under should always be accompanied by an adult who can offer support and encouragement with the activities, ensuring that the children really enjoy and get the most out of the birthday party.

  • How do you hold the attention of children at such a young age? (Playmates)

    We know that young children have a short attention span and find it hard to sit still for any length of time, so we use lots of visual and tactile stimulation which keeps them spellbound. Our thoroughly trained party leaders will instinctively work out which activities are most suitable to ensure that the kids are kept engaged.

  • How do you hold the attention of so many children of this age? (Juniors)

    All our party leaders are thoroughly trained and will quickly work out which activities are most suitable. The Jabberjacks children's birthday party format includes activities and controls to manage the excitement and the children will learn very quickly that the more they participate, the more fun they have and the more prizes they get.

  • How secure is my booking?

    When you confirm your party a deposit is requested, which once paid, will secure your booking. Jabberjacks is a franchise organisation which means that your booking has greater security than any you will get from an individual small business entertainer. Jabberjacks has a national network of franchisees, many of whom employ additional party leaders to make sure that they have capacity at busy times and cover when needed.

  • How much does a Jabberjacks birthday party cost?

    Jabberjacks offers parents great value and our birthday parties don't cost as much as you'd think given the professional, personal service you get and work that goes into delivering them. To find out more about costs and availability please contact your local Franchisee or check out Our Customer Commitment which details our Pricing Policy and further information.

  • What do I need to provide?

    You simply provide the party food, the party venue and the children and Jabberjacks will do the rest.