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Photograph of Jackie and Verity

Jabberjacks started out only delivering pre-school activity classes. The founder, who at the time was a Primary School Teacher and trained puppeteer, had a real passion for the development of children in their early years.

Penny used these skills and passion to create an educationally based parent and child session to help children develop their social skills and confidence. As the pre-school activity classes became more popular, Jabberjacks branched out to deliver sessions in private nurseries and continues to do so, with activities closely aligned to the Education Departments Early Years Foundation Stage of development.

After creating the classes, the Jabberjacks party experience closely followed. The founder realised she had spent many years organising her own children’s parties and could build on the class framework and add value by passing on her own experiences to create a party that all children up to the age of 7 could enjoy.

After 10 years of trading as a Franchising business, Jackie and Verity, who at the time were Jabberjacks Franchise Owners in Leicestershire took over as Directors. Having backgrounds in marketing, HR and Finance, their aim is to further develop the Jabberjacks brand across the UK and in turn, provide the opportunity for children across the country to benefit from the Jabberjacks experience.

There are now 11 Jabberjacks Franchises operating across the UK, all offering children's parties, pre-school activity classes or both. The team all love to work with children, some with families of their own and get great satisfaction when they see the excitement on the children’s faces as they wait to see what is in the Jabberjacks box. They all enjoy having fun as they work and cannot wait for an excuse to sing along to their favourite tunes.


Children’s Parties


Party entertainment for children between 2 and 7 years old. Our parties are tailored specifically to the birthday child's age to give them and their friends a party to remember!

Pre-School Classes


Developing social and physical skills for children from 6 months to 4 years old, through a unique combination of puppets, music and fun!



Our Customer Commitment

All Jabberjacks Franchises act independently under a licencing agreement which grants the Franchisee the exclusive rights to operate Jabberjacks under the Company Trade Mark within an assigned territory. In agreement with Head Office, Franchisees set their own pricing structure which reflects the local market, including current economic climate and takes into account franchising costs as well as local expenses such as, but not limited to travel, staff and equipment replacement.

In return, our customers benefit from a professional service delivered to a high standard consistent across the UK in accordance with policies and procedures as laid out by Jabberjacks Franchising Ltd.  If you have concerns that we or any of our Franchisees may be failing in our duties then please contact our Head Office:

Jabberjacks Franchising Ltd
57 Loughborough Road
Leicestershire LE12 8DU

Tel: 01509 413873
Email: headoffice@jabberjacks.co.uk

Find Jabberjacks on social media

We rely on the interaction and engagement we have with the parents/grandparents/guardians/carers of the children who attend our classes and book our parties year after year. That is why we provide Facebook pages and have Twitter accounts to ensure that we are as accessible as we can be - why not take a look, find us, follow us and discover what we've been up to lately?


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